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Canadian and New England Cruise Vacations

Written by Beth Garrett
Although Canada is the second largest country in the world, the population is relatively small. This is a country whose land has remained vastly untouched. Most Canadians live within 100 miles of the United States
border. Canada is a beautiful country where nature, not man, reigns. Snowcapped mountains tower above crystal blue lakes and animals roam free. Colonial New England gave birth to what today is the United States. Rich with history and possessing natural beauty, New England is a glorious place Fall in Bar Harbor, Maine to visit at anytime throughout the year. It is now possible for travelers to visit several of Canada's and New England's most scenic and opulent areas over a short period of time by embarking on a Canadian cruise vacation. Book a cruise today and get ready to experience one of Foliage on a Canada New England Cruisethe most memorable vacations of your life. Most cruise packages do not include airfare, but air accommodations can be arranged at the time the cruise is booked.

Quick Getaways

For travelers looking for a quick get away, 4-Night Canada/New England cruises are ideal. The ship departs from and returns to the Big Apple and makes a stop in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. Everywhere you look, you are sure to see water. Travelers can enjoy an excellent meal at any of the city's fine waterfront restaurants. Walking through town, it is hard not to notice the medley of Scottish, French and English cultures.

Various cruise lines, such as Carnival, offer 5-Night Canada/New England cruises. Departing from and returning to New York City, stops include St. John (New Brunswick) and Halifax. St John's was Canada's first incorporated city but is also known for the various festivals held throughout the year. Travelers should also take advantage of the ship's two days in New York at the beginning and end of the voyage. Catch a Broadway show, shop

at the exclusive stores on Fifth Avenue or visit the Statue of Liberty.

7-Night Cruises

For those who want to see a little more of this region of North America,7-Night Puffins Nest on the Shores of New Foundland Canada/New England cruises are perfect. Some ships depart from New York City and make stops in Boston, Portland (Maine), Sydney (Nova Scotia) and Halifax before returning to the Big Apple. Other voyages begin in Montreal and stop along the way in Quebec City, Sydney, Boston and Newport (Rhode Island) before ending the journey in New York City. The ship will also cruise through various waterways such asCanada New England Cruise the Gulf of St. Lawrence and alongside the stunning coast of Nova Scotia. Other various 7-Night cruises make stops in places such as Martha's Vineyard, home to the rich and famous.

10-Night Cruises

Cruise lines also offer 10-Night Canada/New England Cruises. Leaving from Boston, stops include Sydney, Corner Brook, Quebec City, Halifax and Bar Harbor (Maine) Canival's Triumph in New England before returning to Boston. The days spent on the ship are not a waste. Canada New England Cruise ShipThe ship will cruise through waterways such as the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Saguenay River. Have your cameras on hand because this is nature at it's finest. Travelers should also take advantage of the time spent in Boston, New England's cultural heartbeat, before and after the cruise. This city is brimming with history, museums, shopping, nightlife and fine dining.
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